about me

Hello, my name is Georg Zachl and you are on my private blog!

  • Full Name: Georg Friedrich Zachl
  • Born on November 19th, 1993.
  • Studying “Elektronik und Informationstechnik” (electronics and information technology) on the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (JKU Linz), currently in the bachelor’s degree.
  • Completed the HTL (HTBLA) Steyr in Electronic Engineering (Elektronik – Computer und Leittechnik) 2013, with the austrian “Matura”, compareable to a high school diploma.
  • Volunteer firefighter in Garsten
  • Model aircraft pilot

Enough hard-facts on me, i will now tell you some things about my real passion, electronic engineering and software.

I had my first contact with a computer when i was four. My father brought his “laptop” (which was acutally just a computer in a case with a display, no battery at all, and really heavy) home, and i hit the keys and got fascinated by the flashing letters on the screen. I think this was my magic moment.

My first contact with Linux was also my fathers office pc. He learned me some basic skills, and i set up my own Linux machine.

I would say i am not an early starter in programming. But i started loving it at the beginning of the HTL (an austrian college for engineering, i choosed electronic engineering), when i was 14 years old. Since then, i aquired more and more skills in C, followed by Java. I would call my own skill-level in those languages “professional”, which is underlined by finishing all programming courses in the HTL with the best grade (1, “sehr gut” in Austria) and all (java only so far) courses on the university also with very good grades (from 1 to 2, out of 5 Grades) . I also worked with PHP and wrote some backends for internet pages. I know some bits of HTML. But to be serious, i hate front-end developing. I’m more that make-things-blazingly-fast-by-writing-highly-integrated-but-low-level-code-with-ultra-efficient-abstraction-design-guy. To make it more understandable: i really like working on the software background, making it stable and secure, but also optimize it to be fast and efficient, so that frontend-developers can rely on good backends and combine all those things to amazing software. Wow, that was kinda wired, but hey, i think passion is the most important skill. 😀

Currently i’m using the summer break and other free time to enhance my own skills in C++, and UI-Designing in QT.

I also like working with electronics, although i must say, i’m not that advanced in electronics then i am in software engineering. I worked with microcontrollers like the 8051, ARMs Cortex-M3, M4 and created some simple hardware designs to work with. I think the biggest problem is the financial barrier, it takes a whole lot of money to develop hardware, but it doesn’t cost you a cent to develop software.

As my not so engineering hobby, i’m flying and tinkering with model aircrafts (hehe, i’m mostly flying quad-copters now, hello engineering). As long as the aircrafts fly, it’s a great way to relax. Sound awkward, but i like it 😀

That’s about me, have fun reading my blog, and i hope my stuff may help you sometime.